All our unitized frames and materials are custom crated and loaded on flatbed trucks to be delivered to site. Crates are unloaded and hoisted to designated floors using an overhead crane with a pre-scheduled time arranged with the General Contractor.

Frame installation begins at the base of the façade, wrapping each floor level with a pre-determined installation sequence. The installation duration for each floor is tied to the embed/anchor installation and concrete pour. Prior to hanging the frames, the delivered crates are opened and inspected then laid horizontally on movable dollies and rolled to their location on the slab floor for installation.

A mobile crane or hoist is located 2 to 3 floors above the “hang floor”. A hoist line is dropped and the frame is attached and lifted off the “hang floor”, rotating into position, locked to the adjacent mullion and slid down over the expansion horizontal head member. Final plumb and level adjustments are made and the frame anchor bracket is mechanically locked onto the embed/anchor assembly.